Plumbers in Harrow


What makes us different? All our plumbing specialists have a minimum of 7 years experience with domestic plumbing who are overlooked by senior specialists. The plumbing service you will receive in Harrow is exemplary.

Did we mention all our plumbers in Harrow are also Gas Safe so rest assured we will handle all your issues.

Plumbing can be a very delicate area, no one wants leaks in their property because it will damage your property and furniture around. We will always isolate the issue as soon as we walk into your property in Harrow to stop it traveling. Once we have isolated and switched off the water we will find out the route cause of the issue and fix it.

What other services do you provide in Harrow?

We handle pretty much everything, below is a list to name a few
Boiler installation and Maintenance
Boiler servicing
Boiler repairs
Power Flush
Under Floor Heating
Install Gas Appliances
Lanlord gas safety certificate in Harrow

We aim to beat any written quote. With 34 years experience in commercial and domestic we are able to surpass your expectations. We are so confident in our work and offer a guarantee on all work we carry out.

Our ethos is customer satisfaction, most our business is through referrals and retained customers which speaks for itself.

Why choose us as your London Plumber

On time

Time is an important factor in everyone lives, especially when it comes to an unforeseen circumstances. We will arrange a time with you and make sure we are there on time to fix your plumbing issue.


The difference between efficient and effective is being efficient means processing things fast and effective is choosing the right things and eliminate time wasting tasks. Our work is effective so rest assured will make sure everything is done in an orderly manner.

Guarantee on all work carried out

 It is utmost importance that a customer has peace of mind when we leave, we are Gas Safe registered and benchmark approved contractors who offer a 100% guarantee on all work we carry out

Who are we?

Builders in London

We have been offering our services for over 34 years in Harrow. All our plumbers are also gas Safe registered.We can help you on all your plumbing issues

Gas Safe - Plumbers In Harrow


We are fully accredited plumber who are Gas Safe so we able to help you with any of your gas appliances whether it be a boiler or replacing your cooker hob.

My central heating is not working can you fix this ?

Of course we can, we are specialist in plumbing and heating, whether one radiator is not working or all radiators are not working this is not an issue we will be able to fix it.  Before calling a plumber or heating specialist in Harrow have you tried the steps below

Check the gas, electrical and water supplies to the appliance are turned on. It’s surprising how easily they can get accidentally switched off.


Check the gas is turned on. In order to check this there are two ways 1 you will have a gas metre installed in every house find your gas metre and check if this is on. Go to a gas appliance i.e a cooker and see if there is gas. Please note if a gas engineer has turned off your Gas you must not attempt to switch this is on until a qualified Gas engineer has rectified the issue.

Check your thermostat is turned up and the clock timer on the boiler is on. If you have a wireless thermostat check this sometimes this could be faulty stop your heaters from coming on.

There is an twist knob on your boiler to put your boiler temperature up for heating. Put this on maximum for a little while to see if the heating does eventually come on. Note you should on leave it on for a little while and reduce the temperature to stop any damage it may cause to your boiler.

These are some handy tips you can try before calling a heating specialist to look at the problem if they do not work then call us now and we will be able to fix the issue for you.

If you have an enquires and want to know if we are Gas Safe hop over to their website and enter our Gas Safe number.