plumbing troubleshoot

plumbing troubleshoot

Emergency plumbing troubleshoot

Are you in London and facing problem of damaged plumbing inside your property? It is really difficult at times to identify a place because the pipes are normally underground. In the unlikely hood you have a damaged plumbing system and do not rectify it this will make the situation worse and will cause more damage to the property. Plumbing is an essential category which should be fixed immediately. Have a look at our plumbing repair in London service.  Emergency plumbing should be handled by a specialist who is efficient and effective at their job. AC Contractors has over 34 years experience in all domestic plumbing.

This article will help build your skills on plumbing emergencies. Knowing what to do can prevent or decrease the risk of any serious damage to your property or in an extreme case save a life.

How do I know if I have a plumbing issue? What are the signs?

Drainage system pressure has decreased

If you feel the pressure has decreased without installation of any other applications this is may be the the starting sign of a plumbing system issue. Try to get a plumber to have a look at it as soon as possible to stop any further issues.

Bad scent

Bad smell although this does not occur all the time you may be able to smell something this could be a sign of a damaged drainage system.

I Have a major water leak

If you experience a water leak or flood in your property you need to turn off the water.  turning the water off should not be an issue as stop taps are located in and out of your house one main place is  under your kitchen sink you may see a nozzle to switch the water off. If you cannot locate a nozzle look outside your house you will see a black box on the floor which is the water company stop tap. Open the box and switch the water off. You should have no water at all.

Isolating valves

We always put isolation valves on all plumbing appliances we install in case a customer experiences a leak they are able to simply switch it off. In order to isolate the water for a particular place simply locate an isolating valve and using a screwdriver turn it to stop the water supply.

Emergency plumbing steps

Go around your house look for valves usually under appliances or boxed away. If you can’t find any ask a plumber to guide you in case of an issue. Knowing where to locate specific valves and taps are vital for your protection.

The whole house main stop tap usually located under your sink.

Toilet if you have a back to wall sisten then look for a pipe with an isolating valve on it.

Basin look underneath the cabinet where the tap is connected you should see two isolating valves

Washing machine all washing machines should have ¾ valve. The top of it should either have a blue or a red cap, incase of an emergency twist the valve in the opposite direction to close it.

Dishwasher again this is the same as a washing machine so do look out for the valves.

What should I do if I have a water leak?

First thing first switch off your water supply either under the sink or from outside.

Step 2 Open the cold tap to drain down the water after a few second it should stop.

Step 3 if the leak is from a specific appliance i.e a shower mixer find the isolation valve which may be boxed in and switch it off. Sometimes there may be a leak if a shower tray or enclosure has not been sealed correctly. Look around for any hole in the corner of your shower or at the bottom. If there is a hole chances are this is the problem. You may be able to fix this yourself. You will need a silicone gun and silicone.

Step 3 once you have figured out the issue with your property and have carried out the necessary steps you can put the water back on and test it.

If you ceiling is collecting alot of water and you can see it sink slightly you will need a to puncture a small hole with a screwdriver do not use a power tool as the plasterboard has become weak and may fall.  After you have done everything you should call a gas safe registered plumber in london to have a look at your plumbing system and fix the issue.