How Much Does a House Extension Cost?

How Much Does a House Extension Cost?

How Much Does a House Extension Cost? The most frequently asked question is, how much would an extension cost. We thought we should make a blog post on it. How much an extension costs can vary significantly, from the ground level to the type of materials required. It can be vary hard to price an […] Read More

Things to know before extending your london home

Things to take on board before extending your property Budget This is the most important part, If a budget is put in place this will benefit you. You should sit down and decide how you would like your house to look like or feel. The budget should include, interior finish, I.e kitchen fitouts, flooring and […] Read More

plumbing troubleshoot

Emergency plumbing troubleshoot Are you in London and facing problem of damaged plumbing inside your property? It is really difficult at times to identify a place because the pipes are normally underground. In the unlikely hood you have a damaged plumbing system and do not rectify it this will make the situation worse and will […] Read More

Loft conversion starting out

Starting point with a loft conversion As house prices are rocketing sky high for most people space in their home is an issue and on the other hand properties are not cheap in London. The most suitable option would be to convert your loft. A loft conversion is the most straightforward and quickest way of […] Read More

diy upholstered headboard

How to make an upholstery headboard We are Builders in london, this was something out of our scope however we managed to put an upholstered headboard together so can you to. We were asked by one of our customer to make an upholstered headboard. Once you have all the materials needed it is really straight […] Read More