We are a North West London building company with over 34 years of experience. We are specialists in loft conversion and extensions in London.

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Free architectural design for all loft conversion or extensions when you choose AC Contractors ltd for you project.

We aim to make your experience hassle free from the very beginning through to the end. We will meet up with you to go through your building project.

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Builders in London – AC Contractors

Who We Are

We are a firm of builders in London and loft conversion specialist in Harrow. We help home owners build their dream project. From a simple pipe fixing to design and build for new build houses or flats. Our quality is never compromised this is our main point. Our quality speaks for itself from the building structure to the finishing. We quality control check every aspect of the project. We are well known builders in London for many reason because of the quality and friendly and approachable services.

What We Do

Building work can be very stressful job especially when you get the wrong builder in to do your work. The first thing you should do is research your builder and ask to see his jobs, by viewing a builders job you can get a feel for his finishing and cleanliness of their work. We work on a strict cleanliness approach when it comes to building all our work is done in stages to minimise clutter. We provide top-tier building and plumbing services. Some of our services include design and build for loft conversion in harrow and other surrounding areas. No job is too small or too big. We are a prestigious builders in London.

AC Contractors has highly skilled and experience tradesmen ranging from a site manager for large projects, heating engineers, plasterers and a lot more

We are also plumbers in London with 34 years of experience under our belt in installing and fixing boilers. Our services are for all domestic maintenance requirements the list includes, heating, bathrooms, electrical appliance installation,property maintenance, Paving and plastering, Floor tiling, Electrical wiring, Decorating, Brick work, And much more. Our charges for a plumber London are very reasonable and available 24 hours.


With over 34 years of experiences in both domestic and commercial spheres, AC Contractors Ltd are a reputable loft conversion specialist company . Certifications include: C.I.T.B, A.C.O.P, C.O.R.G.I, and Gas Safe. The experience will be safe and meet the top industry standards. Our clients range from homeowners of two-bedroom houses to large office buildings. We also have experience working with landlords to make sure the residents are in comfortable homes. If you are not sure if we have completed a project similar to the one you want, feel free to give us a call and discuss your needs.

Free quote

We offer a free quote with no obligations. One of our representative will visit the clients premise to look at the scope of the work and go over the architectural plans i.e to see how deep the foundation are for extension in London. If you do not have any architectural plans there is no need to worry we will offer you a free quote for design and build. Our representative will then pass your details onto our architectural department who will contact you do arrange a time and date to carry out a site survey. 



I have worked with AC Contractors they did exactly what we said, at the price we agreed. There was no hidden charges on our extension.

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Musa Khan

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How can we help you?
Builders in London

A builder in London who is creative and has an eye to detail, interested?
Renowned team of builders, plumbers, draughtmans, decorators led by the by London’s leading Building contractor. We have solid proof of loft conversion and two storey extension. We combine carefully tested building techniques with creative strategies to optimise our performance.

Maximise results

The main priority for builders in London should be to make sure they turn around projects in a fast and effective way. Majority of people within London are working according to the National Statistics website. Builders need to be conscience when it comes to timeframes and keep to the schedule they provide their clients. We always aim to keep to schedule set out in our contract.

Loft conversion process

Initial meeting – Our experienced representative arrives at your London home on an agreed date and time suitable for the client to discuss expectations and deadlines and agree upon a realistic deadline. We aim to provide the clients quality service in a timeframe that fits the schedule. Project deadlines depend on scale of the project i.e whether it is new build houses or a two storey extension.

Price match –  We are able to price match on a like to like basis for example the company must be a registered company in England and Wales who is  VAT registered and provides a quote in writing with all materials they are using.

Prepare the quote – Based on the discussion with you and the initial survey we prepare a quote and send it to you – normally via email.

Write a free quote – as we are builders in London we compete with the market by offering a non obligation free quotation for all the work we will carry out. The quote will normally be sent via email for business efficiency however we can always send a quote the way you request it.

Follow up call – for all loft conversions and building extensions we will call you if you haven’t already called to find out if you have received the quote, if there is any enquiries about the quote or further project details you would like to discuss. Should you be happy with a quote we would agree upon a start date.

Contract – Builders in London should always offer you a contract, the contract is legally binding and helps to protect both the builder and the client. Our contract sets out an agreed figure which consists of an initial deposit and three installments  on completion of each stage. The contract will set out what we will provide the client and what is included in the price. Before starting we require an initial deposit, this will vary from job to job depending on the size of the job.

Start date – We will call you before starting your loft conversion in Harrow or surrounding areas to confirm if your happy with the date. This is to give our clients flexibility or more time to prepare. The initial process would be to clear and demolish anything that needs to be demolished.

Finishing – This is another crucial part and can take a long time. As we come to completion we will quality control and check the whole loft conversion or extension. Once your happy with the loft conversion or extension we will collect a final payment. We are accept online transfer, BACS payment, cash and cheques.

Testimonials– Once your happy with our building service in London we would like you to review our service on Google or send us a written testimonial and we will upload it to our website for other clients to have a look at.